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A Classic Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

I am not much of a baker. I prefer the capriciousness that cooking allows, the liberty to add things here and there as you feel. Yet there are some days (usually cold ones when I don't want to leave the house) when I want to do nothing but bake. Sometimes I bake a few little, simple things, and sometimes I take on a serious project. That's what happened with this recipe; a lazy Sunday morning with no plans in the diary, a chill in the air, and a friend's birthday the next day were the perfect conditions for me to attack a cake. 

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Avril's Oat Bread

Okay, so apparently this is not Avril's recipe, but instead Irene's, as denoted on the scrap of paper given to me by Avril, my best friend's mom and culinary legend. On a recent trip back to Michigan, we stayed with Avril and her husband Mervyn on their dairy farm in the north-east part of the state. 

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Seed + Nut Granola

Coarsely ground nuts are one of my most prized ingredients in the kitchen. They can be dried out and blitzed further into almond meal or flour, chucked into the blender for an added boost of protein to smoothies, tossed with some grated parmesan for a salty and crisp layer over roast veggies... the possibilities seem endless. My favorite way to use them though is in a super simple granola.

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