Sailing, Eating, Roaming through Greece + a ‘recipe’ for Greek salad


Late last summer, a small group of us set out for a sailing trip in the Ionian. Once we prepped the boat and stocked her full of ingredients for daily apératifs and endless Greek salads (the latter of which I’m still trying in vain to recreate at home), we departed from the marina in Lefkada, making course for Meganisi then Kalamos, followed by Ithaca and Cephalonia.

Every couple of days, we stopped in towns like Kioni and Fiskardo, loading up on spanakopita and fresh produce before heading to the next, most inviting bay - of which there was no shortage. After mooring one last time, we spent a few days on Corfu and then Paxos, taking our time to adjust to life on land and to view the endless, varying blues of the sea from a different perspective.

We ended the trip in Athens, roaming the streets with gyros in hand, drinking in the rich history of Ancient Greece that permeates every inch of the city, as well as one last bottle of crisp, minerally Assyrtiko - a sip of which will always make me nostalgic for our time spent there, and which will likely never taste quite as good as it did when our feet dangled over the bow of the boat, the setting sun making purple silhouettes of the mountains in the distance.

Greek Salad

1 pound (a few large) tomatoes - make sure they are in-season and the best you can get your hands on, avoiding watery tomatoes, this will make or break the dish!

1 large green bell pepper, cored and sliced

1 small cucumber, sliced

1 small red onion, sliced

A large handful of Kalamata olives

1 slab of quality Greek feta

Good olive oil

A couple of tablespoons of dried oregano

Toss vegetables and olives together in a bowl. Top with feta, drizzle with generous glug of olive oil and oregano. Serve immediately.

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