Whole Roasted Eggplant with Caramelized Onion + Tahini

A simple recipe that turns whole eggplants into dinner. There's a little bit of waiting time involved, but the actual work is minimal. Do give the onions plenty of time to caremlize over low heat - they should be totally soft and sweet by the time they are done, and tempting to eat by the spoonful. If your eggplants are very large, you can make this a dish for four, served alongside a simple green salad, but if they're on the smaller side, this recipe makes a nice meal for two. A generous shower of fresh herbs doesn't hurt, either.

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Freekeh with Grilled Zucchini + Ricotta

Once again, we're putting zucchini to good use in just about every meal. I often end up grating it into frittatas and breads, or shaving it with a mix of other vegetables. This recipe, though, leaves zucchini as the star of the show, giving it some char on the grill, piling it high over a bed of freekeh, and topping it with bright notes of herbs, seeds, and light ricotta. I think it's my favorite recipe yet... though it's still pretty early in the season. 

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French Lentil Soup

This French Lentil Soup is adapted from my mom's recipe, which she made for us regularly growing up. I've tweaked it slightly, mainly by adding the tarragon and crème fraîche at the end - the addition of just a little bit of soured cream and sweet anise flavor really brings the dish together for me, and makes it taste quintessentially French.

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