Jill Haapaniemi is a content creator specializing in all things food.


She has worked in commercial kitchens, a specialty whole-animal butcher shop, as an assistant to an established recipe developer, and is an avid home cook. 

Beyond her culinary experience, Jill spent 5+ years in food and beverage public relations and marketing, both in NYC and Melbourne, helping producers, farmers, small businesses, restaurants, and quality food companies strengthen their brands through strategic and authentic communications. 

jill haapaniemi

These days, Jill marries her passion for cooking and writing with photography on her blog. Her recipes and stories, influenced by her Michigan roots, Australian life, and travels around the world, aim to inspire others to cook nourishing meals with simple, quality ingredients. She is also an editor for The FeedFeed.

Jill’s combined culinary, PR, and photography skills make her a unique resource for clients. From recipe development, photography and styling through to copywriting, social media consulting and strategic campaign planning, she offers a range of capabilities to help people, restaurants and brands tell their stories in the most effective way. 

Jill works out of a studio space in Melbourne but collaborates regularly with international clients. Get in touch with her to discuss ideas, questions, and rates.